Mihai Pohontu
VP, Emerging Platforms at Samsung

Lisa is a consummate professional and a wonderful person. Within the span of a few years she centralized all customer support teams across Disney Interactive, deployed a world-class CRM system and was able to do so in a cost-neutral manner via operational efficiencies. She a highly effective leader of large, diverse multi-location teams and she commands the respect of her entire staff. She has my highest recommendations.

Amanda Daisy Leak
Producer at The Walt Disney Company

I have had the opportunity to work within Lisa’s leadership team for 2 years at Disney Interactive in my previous role as a Senior Product Liaison.

Lisa has an incredible ability to understand all facets of the department she leads. This ability allows her to make informed choices regarding the department’s overall direction down to the day to day operational level.

During the time I worked on her team, I had seen the department grow immensely in terms of standardization of department practices, efficiency in technologies used for support, and implementing a clearer and longer reaching strategy which aimed to support all the products at Disney Interactive.

Lisa was also a wonderful mentor. She was able to give clear and honest feedback around job performance. She values the members of her team which shows in her continual interest in seeing them achieve short term and long term career goals.

Colby Parrott Persell
Organizational Development and Management Executive

Lisa and I worked very closely with the customer operations team at SurveyMonkey. Lisa was very dedicated to her monkeys and was always our biggest cheerleader. She was great at helping people grow in their work and discover where their talents and interest lie. Lisa came into SurveyMonkey during a crucial growing period. She spearheaded the switch of our CRM solution and got it up and running. She also helped to expand and grow the support team locally and internationally. Any time the team needed help with a project or a deadline, Lisa would help in any way either by working off-hours or in between her own projects. She is definitely a team player and a joy to work with!

Nicole Rustad
Corporate Citizenship Program Director at Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media

Lisa and I have worked together since she began her career at Disney. She is fantastic at leading a large and incredibly diverse team across different locations through constant change. She brings out the best in her team enabling them to stretch and grow in their roles. She has been a staunch supporter internally of our corporate social responsibility enabling a high level of engagement across all of our programs. Lisa is a pleasure to work with!

Valeh Ashraf
Administrative Assistant

I had the pleasure of working with Lisa Peabody for the better part of 3 years and I was her assistant while working at Disney Interactive. I saw her take a global team that was supporting approximately 3-4 online games into a global team that supported hundreds of mobile games and apps, helped launch new game websites, and the incredibly successful Disney Infinity game, while keeping the level of service and support at the highest level of standards. She helped build a larger client base while reducing costs and had her teams giving the magical support that Disney is known for all while keeping the focus on the service to their guests and the safety of their players. She created an atmosphere of safety within her own teams so that they always knew they could turn to their leadership and get answers and results. She was sure to meet with teams and provide them insight into decisions that affected their work and hear them out on their concerns, their victories and their ideas. Her consideration and respect for her teams was an inspiring thing to witness and helped create an effective, efficient workplace. She was a great boss that made my time at Disney even more magical and I would recommend her for any type of management or leadership position. Any one would be lucky to have her on their team or leading it!

Antonio Medeiros Jr.
Seeking new opportunities in I.T Support (Technician/Administrator/Leadership) in the Greater Vancouver Area

Lisa was by far one of the most reliable and proactive leaders that I have had the pleasure to work with. She is a driving force behind our team’s success, and really cares about each one of us individually. Her commitment to both customers and support of our leadership team is one of the major reasons that our department can function at such a high level. I recommend her whole-heartedly to anyone looking to add a top tier Director to their organization.

Thomas Estes
Administrative Specialist Career Level 3 at University of Maine System

Lisa is one of the best Directors I’ve ever worked for. She is very team oriented, detailed and organized. She leads with enthusiasm and has a keen ability to work smart.

During my time reporting to Lisa, I watched her grow our department from a small group of employees supporting a few online games, to a very large group of employees supporting almost all of Disney Interactive’s digital media catalog.

As a Director, Lisa was an incredible mentor and coach. She made sure that I had everything I needed to succeed in my role and always helped to create new opportunities for growth.

Her networking and relationship building skills, allow for her to create visibility and value for the department which she leads. She is an incredible asset to any team and I highly recommend her work!

Steven McCurry
AppleCare At-Home Team Manager at Apple

I had the pleasure of working with Lisa on the management team at Netflix and during that time I found her to be intelligent, knowledgeable, hard working and committed. Lisa was well liked by both her co-workers and those who reported directly to her. She worked extremely well with others and consistently displayed highly developed organizational and leadership skills. She effectively motivated her team through coaching and by inspiring her staff Lisa insured that both service levels and goals were being met. Lisa is tremendous at creating and formulating reports that allow you to quickly determine the reason behind spikes in call volume as well as to forecast future workloads. I would recommend Lisa to any company seeking a hard working team player who is committed to the success of the organization as well as to the success of her employees. She proved to be a tremendous assist to Netflix and contributed to the overall success of the call center during her time there.

Brian Pham
Systems Engineer at Highfive Technologies

It’s rare that you come across talent like Lisa. I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to report to a manager that was an excellent mentor and coach. Working with her, I was very impressed with her ability to lead the team with enthusiasm and taking her time to know everyone individually on the team. As a leader, she made sure that everyone on the team succeeded in their role and was able to explore new opportunities of interest for their career growth. She did a great job of keeping morale up during stressful periods by occasionally bringing in treats for the office as well. Lisa is definitely a great leader and executive worth having at any company.

Alyssa Quigley
Sales Development Coordinator at Waterplay Solutions Corp.

Lisa is friendly, professional, and a pleasure to work with. She is incredibly knowledgeable and really keeps on track with multiple products/platforms.

Pantea Hamzehi
Project Coordinator

I have had the opportunity of working under the leadership of Lisa Peabody at Disney Interactive. Her mentor-ship and success driven development of her team are a direct result in my success and leadership skills.

Lisa is a leader who focuses strongly on coaching and mentoring her team. Her results have been spectacular in regards to Financials, Internal and External business partners!

Her professional accomplishments have resulted in Multi-Channel business success for Disney Interactive. I would highly recommend Lisa for any Executive level leadership position.

Tatiana Savina

Lisa is an amazing leader and a great tutor. She keeps an eye on everything and at the same time she has a strong belief in her team. She built a great and strong team of professonals and always keeps everything on track.
Lisa is a very helpful and friendly person.

Naiema Din
Experienced Project Manager for Startups

Lisa was an amazing manager. She was passionate about making SurveyMonkey the best in customer support, and really inspired the team to share that passion. She had the right balance of deliberation without being overbearing. She was approachable whenever we needed clarification in our job, and always looked to help us in areas of improvement. She worked one-on-one with us in yearly goal-setting and followed up to make sure we were on track. Lisa was a hard-worker and this motivated the team to emulate her work ethic. She cared about her employees and this translated into happy customer operations reps. A great manger is one that gives employees solid direction, but motivates them to become leaders in their respective positions. Lisa fit that description perfectly.

Josh Sorem

As a colleague, I’ve always found Lisa to be compassionate and thorough. She is quick to respond to any situation with amazing detail, whether written or verbal, and she always seems to be able to have everyone’s best interests at heart.

It’s obvious that Lisa truly cares about people, whether it is her direct reports, her colleagues, or her customers, and it has been an absolute pleasure working with her.

Devin Corban
Manager & Analyst

Few hold the professional honor and respect that I have for Lisa Peabody. I have had the great pleasure in working with Lisa and witnessed first hand her ability to truly inspire innovation, Lean and Six Sigma mind sets and workmanship. Her communication is always clear and precise weather it is written or verbal. Lisa’s ability to “trim the fat” without loss to the business or those involved is in par with the best.

Unlike the stereo typical corporate woman, Lisa is still human. She genuinely cares for those around her weather they are employees or customers. In all her work she will ensure everyones interests are taken care of and met while exceeding all work expectations.

Jennifer McKinnis
National Care/Sales Trainer at Comcast

I worked with Lisa during her time at Netflix and found her to be extremely detail oriented, creative and adaptable. Lisa navigated her team through a transition of workplace duties and responsibilities. Her efforts directly contributed to the growth of the company as a whole and impacted decisions well beyond the call center itself. Lisa has incredible business acumen and has the ability to assess projects for both long term and short term needs. Lisa has an amazing capacity for leadership and has a communication style that is clear and respectful. Lisa is a valuable addition to any team that needs a genuinely talented leader.

Jenna Huffman
Book editor at J. Huffman, Editrix

I had the pleasure of working with Lisa at Netflix, and cannot recommend her highly enough. She is thorough, detail-oriented, inquisitive, dedicated and dependable. She has a keen wit, a sharp business sense, and she’s someone that I truly enjoyed working with. She provided a unique perspective, and a great deal of support. She is willing to go the extra mile to ensure that whatever project she is a part of is completed expertly. Lisa is a treasure.

Customer Service Rep at Netflix

Lisa and I started in the same training class at Netflix in June of 2007. In less than a year she was a Team Manager for which I had the pleasure to be a part of. Lisa is very focused and professional with a sense of humor. As a team member you always knew what was expected of you and Lisa provided feedback weekly to help us achieve our goals. Lisa had many projects with deadlines and worked as many hours necessary to get the job done. Lisa is very approachable, kind, and considerate of all, whether it be up or down the chain of command.

Vincent Thai
Improving the customer interaction

It was a pleasure to have worked with Lisa. Her enthusiasm and dedication made it easy to deliver consistent and accurate reporting. Lisa also understands the importance of operational metrics and knows how to create reporting that reflects meaningful measurements. I would definitely recommend Lisa, and feel she would always be an asset to any organization.

Kymm Hinterberger
Creative Human

Lisa is one of the best managers I have ever worked for. I always felt comfortable coming to her for any issues I may have had, and communication was always open. I could always contact her, even when she was working on many projects at once.