How I Succeed In Business… by Really Trying


“Perception is strong and sight weak. In strategy it is important to see distant things as if they were close and to take a distanced view of close things.” —Miyamoto Musashi, legendary Japanese swordsman

I’m TRULY driven by a customer’s experience. These days, having a great product or service just isn’t enough. That’s a given. I want to surprise & delight all my customers. To me, my teams always need to be striving to exceed the diverse needs of customers. Not just to meet their expectations (satisfaction),  but develop ways to meet their desires (loyalty), and strive to provide for their unrecognized needs. That turns customers into fans, into evangelists.

To constantly improve this experience for my customers, and for my teams & the company, is what makes me tick. Positive interactions, no matter how small, delivered consistently & sincerely on a personal level, result in satisfaction and retention. I have extensive experience with data, analysis, statistics, and operational details. My years of experience allow me to manage both the front customer side of the business, as well as the “backend”. This is a critical aspect of my role, as the customer must never feel any negative affect of work & changes on the “backend”.  I’ve managed NPS, CSAT, adoption, and retention metrics for global teams – with a proven record of improving scores & satisfaction. I thrive on driving world-class operations to provide superior customer experience; drive efficiency  [productivity and utilization of team]; and drive business growth effectiveness through the better adoption of relevant  products & features via service programs. My teams create a rapport & trustful environment with Engineering & Product – to recommend product & service improvements that benefit the customer.

Customer service can make or break a company. Customers have so many options these days, that if you are not focused on being everything the customer needs and more — – you’re going to lose business. You need to not only help customers solve issues, or answer questions to fulfill their basic need, a customer experience team needs to go beyond – to surprise and delight guests.

I’ve always adhered to the belief that if you think about strategy (the “how”) too early, it will inhibit the vision (the “what”) and block you from thinking as big as you need to think. What you need is a vision that is so big so compelling, not only to others, but also to you. If it’s not compelling, you won’t have the motivation to stay the course, and you won’t be able to recruit others to help you along the way.

“Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex. It takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage – to move in the opposite direction.” —Albert Einstein

I have extensive knowledge directing operations in high profile, high volume, multilingual operations. Demonstrated success running global organizations of 1000+ team members, with a drive for creating high-performance teams. Consistent success with building culture of a positive, knowledgeable, and solution-oriented customer focused teams. History of exceeding P&L goals and growing businesses while gaining efficiency. Successful track record in the development of processes that go far beyond customer service.

An expert in incorporating the guests’ view with products and services, I specialize in building cost-effective and scalable support & service programs and capabilities while improving guest’s return on investment, guest satisfaction, and service level performance – all while driving revenue opportunities. I aim to steer the development of a customer-centric approach across the organization, including evangelizing, cheer-leading, challenging, influencing, mentoring and developing customer focused skills, tools, culture, frameworks and approaches throughout the company. I have a depth of experience in the global marketplace, including the diverse EMEA and APAC markets.

I have years of experience adding divisions & products in a rapid manner, all while in ambiguous times of rapid change. These can be critical/ big pain points for Customer Experience, so it is key to have an effective strategy & vision. I ensure that I coordinate data activity on an ongoing basis with key stakeholders and internal partners & markets. I’ve had  to be creative in technologies while having large global & remote teams + languages while still delivering that best-in- class experience to the guests no matter what was happening on the “back end.”


  • SHARP & CLEARLY DEFINED SUCCESS GOALS to exceed the needs of our customers– if you don’t know what your customers need, you cannot meet and then exceed that – hence you cannot deliver a world class experience for them.
  • REPRESENTING THE BRAND in everything THE team says and does – we are in many ways the face of the company, and my team always lives the values of our company (innovation, passion, integrity, respect, excellence).
  • My Customer Support & Service team is here to EMPOWER customers – not “just” solve issues or answer questions.
  • BE INVOLVED in the full customer lifecycle starting post contract & continuing through their introduction to the company & beyond. I thrive on incorporating data & information to improve the strategic position of the organization and the overall customer experience.
  • UNDERSTAND LIFE CYCLES & JOURNEY OF CUSTOMERS- and of our internal teams (product). Ensure the team builds checkpoints along the way – and a blueprint for internal partners to easily follow and know what to expect at what point in time. Planning new initiatives based on data analysis and insight – allow the data to lead creative and steer programs to constantly be optimized to exceed targets and KPIs.
  • Develop CUSTOMER PROGRAMS – everything from deployment blueprints to tips for using the product. Organize live events for our community (direct community outreach to help forge stronger developer/community relationships). I want to continue breaking the mold in terms of what big brands do on social, find new ways for brands to partner that makes sense for all parties, and create content that people not just want to share but also be a part of.
  • CHAMPION THE CUSTOMERS – and partner with internal partners [Product, QA, Project Management, Sales, Developers, Finance, Marketing, Success, Legal) to codify the key components of customer success & satisfaction; communicate them cross- functionally to inform the product roadmap, as well as Sales, Success, and Marketing teams.
  • BUILD A COMMUNITY PORTAL that serves as a central repository for product information that promotes customer engagement, retention, and success.
  • BUILD DATA AND BI SYSTEMS to ensure a real time view of trends, and provide key awareness to all cross–functional teams of how cyclical & seasonal trends affect satisfaction, engagement, retention, and costs. I have significant experience in managing Data and Analytics programs for brands (agency and/or client-side), managing teams that deliver best in class data segmentation, analysis and insight that drives CRM programs to deliver (and exceed) targets.
  • ASSES & REPORT everything the team does. I strive to improve our productivity, efficiency, quality and service levels while fostering an environment of personal growth and professional development for all of my team. I create a culture within the business that ensures and assures that data and information is valued and managed as a key corporate asset.
  • RETENTION – continually adjust key points on where we retain or lose an opportunity, customer, or fan. Included data & feedback that correlate to product fixes and product improvements. Assess CSAT & NPS to define trends and segmentation to understand successes & opportunities. Include studies on release or product improvements… and how that affected retention & revenue.
  • BUILD A STRONG FOUNDATION of PEOPLE and KNOWLEDGE. This provides the ability to scale & flex in a smart operational way while not affecting the customer.


“However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.” —Sir Winston Churchill

As Director of Guest Experience for The Walt Disney company:

  • I grew our team from support & services  from four (4) products to a 2k product lineup in 2.5 years – all while improving guest satisfaction, decreasing support costs, and always coming in under budget for all costs.
  • Spearheaded & implemented $2m CRM change to Salesforce, resulting in reduction of email costs by 35%, reduction of support tools cost by 46%, and decreasing average time to first response by 67%.

During my time at SurveyMonkey, the team was able to create & build out custom “Alá Carte” services to upsell based on understanding our customers business needs. Result: via this custom survey service, we increased revenue by~ $2m a year.