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Be where your customers, fans, and audience are – and right now, that’s on social media. I’ve led teams on well-known brands such as Marvel, Star Wars, and Disney to define and evolve social media strategy inclusive of platform footprint, quantity and type of posts on a brand-by-brand basis. I have digital content background, but I have the added key experience of partnering with Product, Marketing, and Technology teams to create & launch a cohesive strategy that engages & entertains.

I’ve built relationships with social media, digital creative, and production partners as well as company partnerships with key campaigns involving third parties such as Hasbro, Got Milk, and more. I’ve led teams to design and implement global video content strategy, while collaborating with internal stakeholders to act as a strategic advisor and business expert.This includes partnering with international market teams to determine where strategy & content should align, and where it needs to be bespoke for the market. It’s key to work in partnership, to ensure my teams are identifying & supporting the needs of the Product & Marketing teams, so that we can not only deliver, but also enhance their strategy campaigns for maximum community engagement & virality. I love keeping up to date on client industry, competition and coverage, and then develop actionable strategies from learnings.

My teams provide day-to day supervision & execution of social campaigns including: content creation, social promotions, moderation, engagement, partnerships, influencer outreach initiatives, online events, and live tweeting. Content creation & community building includes platforms not only traditional social media, but forums, blogs, and communities as well. I like to focus on cross platform collaboration to distribute brand content. I’ve led teams in making day-to-day decisions about the stories, features, and video that best serves our fans, influencers, and potential customers. I have years of ‘know how’ in creating social content strategy calendar plans, as well as ensuring that all internal & external teams have full access to plans, strategy & events. I get nerdy by measuring performance and adjusting based on real-time metrics of consumption to promote virality of brand.


At Disney Interactive, my team launched social media support, moderation, engagement, and strategy for 200+ products. All brands included multiple platforms of social media including: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Periscope, Maker, Vine, Snapchat, Tumblr, and more. Result: increased ‘hits’ on brand social media sites by an average of 227%.

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