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I’ve been fortunate to work with some stellar folks – The Walt Disney Company,Straumann Group, ClearCorrect, SurveyMonkey, Marvel, Netflix, LucasFilm, Starbucks, and Star Wars to name a few.  They all specialized in various types of products, services, and content. I’ve led teams that supported hardware, software, Saas, medcal devices & medical software, mobile apps, digital streaming content, physical and digital educational products, all genres of gaming on all platforms [mobile, console, online, MMPORG, digital], retail merchandise, internet of things products, interactive digital content, product websites, publishing, in person experiences [conferences, trade shows, fan shows, ComicCon, E3, etc.].

Supporting the full customer journey in regard to the product is key. I’ve led initiatives that produced a full suite of supporting content—everything from technical manuals, FAQ, VR guidance, set up videos, product wizards, knowledge base articles, physical product packaging, quick start guides, forums, blogs, help sites, social media pages, and more.

To me, product & process need to partner seamlessly. I’ve had years of responsibility for the build out, implementation and reinforcement of product launches and process improvements. I’ve led teams for all facets of project implementation guideline, while planning for manpower and other resource requirements. This includes all facets of product launches, including: developing, analyzing, and interpreting performance, project cost, and subscriber activity to increase effectiveness of project & products. I’ve assumed direct accountability for overall project & program delivery of my teams & vendors to ensure the successful execution & delivery of projects that meet scope, timing, and cost goals. I’ve built teams that can monitor, engage, and influence app store success as well – from analysis & strategy to address negative reviews on product functionality & features, to engaging with customers via reviews & support. I love to develop service policies and systems to support strategic direction. I love a challenge, and I’ve had the experience of leading coordination across 70+ internal & external partners to ensure alignment of capabilities, and release cycles including Alpha, Beta, and Launch.


» 3D printers
» Intra oral scanners
» Dental Mills
» Medical design software
» Medical lab scanners
» Clear Aligners
» Disney Infinity
» Highfive Dolby Device
» Highfive Technologies software & applications
» Highfive Hardware
» Star Wars Commander mobile game
» by Disney website
» Netflix digital streaming services
» SurveyMonkey survey design
» Circle Hardware & Software (
» Disney Publishing Worldwide digital storybooks
» Playmation by Disney toys with iOT technology
& mobile applications
» Moderation & support for Magic Bands for
Walt Disney World
» Disney JR. Sweepstakes
» Infinity retail merchandise shipping, fulfillment & logistics
» Radio Disney
» Epic Mickey console game
» UGC initiatives including Disney’s Citizen Kid
(in partnership with Milk)


» Hardware
» Software
» Saas
» Medical devices
» Digital Streaming Content
» Gaming: Mobile, Console, Online
» Digital Publishing
» Internet of Things
» RF Technology
» Product Websites
» Retail Merchandise
» User Generated Content
» E Commerce
» App Store Reviews and Ratings
» Enterprise Software
» Digital & Virtual Services
» Manufacturer Vendor Management
» Operating Budgets and Forecasts
» Global Consumer-Oriented Business
» Multi-Channel/Multi-Brand Business
» Third Party Vendor Relationships
» Offshore Development Teams
» Project Management
» Product Roadmap
» Customer Journey
» Agile Methodology
» Thought Leadership