Product & Account Management


I will always strive to address any gap between my Customer teams and the Product teams and Sales/ Account teams. I strive to nurture a trusting, collaborative environment where my team can offer valuable insights and services that enable continuous improvement in products. I thrive on strengthening my relationships with existing customers while always expanding our reach to more internal & external partners.

To me, customer experience is the fulcrum for success –responsible not just for support, but amplifying the entire customer journey and experience.  My teams have been the “Face” of product- providing not only Customer support, but ensuring satisfaction, enhanced guest knowledge — – leading to more value seen by customer. I delight in increasing retention & lifetime value. To focus on the success of the customer – that requires a robust & ever-evolving suite of assets. From webinars, whitepapers, and videos to bespoke onboarding roadmaps & integration plans for my customers.

I’ve been fortunate to work with some stellar folks – The Walt Disney Company, Pixar, Disney Stores, Hasbro, SurveyMonkey, Marvel, Netflix, LucasFilm, Starbucks, and Star Wars to name a few.

Businesses and customer needs & wants are always evolving, and it’s key that my teams are there to embrace all that change. Our operations and processes must become more robust to deal with an increasing number of internal and external partners.  I’ve built successful teams that focus on delivering value for our internal teams as well as our customers.  My teams will always drive business results and create fun experiences for users. Ensuring that the brand has calibrated assets to use for Customer Success is a critical touch point – setting up our teams to ensure customers can see value – not just “how the product works.”

My experience spans the entire product & customer journey. From greenlight, to building concepts and Alphas, to wireframes, to user testing and play testing, to product launches, to customer onboarding & success, to bug reporting and QA, to product iterations, to sunsetting of products and managing customer reactions and needs.  I love to partner with Design, Engineering, Marketing, Sales and others to ensure our products continue to delight and engage customers. I’m very proud of my history of building scalable models to increase the amount of products my team can onboard while keeping our costs down.  The data nerd in me ensures that there are methods & tools to measure the success of our product features after release and optimize their performance through rapid, data driven iteration. Experience in using research methodologies such as Affinity Mapping, Mental Models, Journey Maps, Card Sorting, Heuristic Evaluations, Ethnographic Interviews, Surveys, Usability & Player Testing.

I believe in:

  • Customer experience by design
    • Collaborate early with product teams to understand their needs and help shape their product and tools to reduce support costs, increase retention and customer satisfaction. Work with product development to deliver partner feedback and assist in managing new product rollouts. Create evangelists by listening to partners closely and delighting them with our new user experience and onboarding.
  • Increase brand value
    • Leverage my Customer Experience team’s knowledge and customers’ feedback to bring quality back into the product cycle of continuous improvement, increasing brand and guest value. Build and nurture relationships with Sales & Success teams across the company to solidify our partnership and commitment to the partner and build the connecting framework between pre and post sales.
  • Drive innovation
    • Become “Subject Matter Experts” (SME) for key aspects of our business to drive operational improvements with direct impact on our scalability and cost efficiency. Research new technologies and analyze their feasibility to move our organization forward. Drive partner lifecycle program management across all global regions (NA, EMEA, LATAM, APAC).


  • At The Walt Disney Company:
    I applied key fiscal and customer behavior insights to prioritize and push a product improvement fix on a product gap that consistently resulted in 45-80% of product support contacts. Provided recommendation by forecasting return on investment (ROI) that predicted a reduction in support costs, improvement in CSAT and NPS scores, increased revenue via in app purchases (IAP) , and increased time spend in product.

    • Result: when improvement was released, as predicted, support costs dropped, saving $600k for the fiscal year, guest satisfaction  grew by 35%, and revenue grew by an average of $70k a week ( 24% WoW).


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