Privacy & Security


I always build my teams to strive to create a safe atmosphere for communities by way of outstanding support, education, and care for our customers. It’s close to my heart to ensure our customers have a safe experience where they trust that their personal data, and personal finances, will remain private. I pride myself in developing teams & partnerships to ensure legal compliance & data privacy, as well as preventing online and real-world harm by building fast, scalable support systems to address safety-related incidents on our products, and by influencing others to collaborate on cross-functional initiatives.Experienced with medical and health-related privacy, such as HIPPA and GDPR.

It’s been a pleasure to partner with Policy, Engineering and Security to identify, influence, and improve the support provided to users in need. My experience includes partnering with corporate security & IT , Legal, PR, and Product on instances of DOS and DNS attacks, as well as critical issues with AWS and how they affect our customers. I find it rewarding to collaborate with capability & enterprise architects, as well as security professionals, to leverage enterprise standards to drive our application portfolios toward a simpler, more streamlined and secure set of platforms.

I have years of experience in regard to credit processing, ACH and other electronic payment and funds transfer processes, as well as SOX Compliance, and PCI Compliance. It’s a critical foundation for my teams to have deep knowledge on all aspects of payment security & privacy, including: federal & state consumer financial laws and regulations like Regulation E; data privacy laws; consumer protection laws; and new rules, enforcement actions and other guidance coming out of agencies such as the CFPB & the FTC.

Safety is also critical in the gaming community – and my years of experience with all types of gaming [MMOs,MMORPGs, MOBAs,RTSs,FPSs and more] have given me extensive experience in leading teams and developing tools & systems to support & elevate gaming communities while ensuring safety, fairness, and a great experience for all players. I’ve cultivated teams to understand all aspects of play, the point-of-view of all experience levels, and the complexities that encompass not only direct play, but chat, forum behavior, community interactions, and the experience with the brand.

My years of working for complex, high profile, high volume companies have allowed me to build teams that  provide legal and regulatory guidance on the design and modification of products, proactively identify associated risks, recommend mitigation strategies, review product user experiences to ensure legal compliance and proper disclosures, and help document guidance for consumption by members of both the legal and product teams.


I have years of experience in safety & security aspects including:

  • Building knowledge, tools, and systems for the increasingly complex and demanding legal and regulatory environment.
  • Safeguard customer privacy through comprehensive privacy & data access governance, controls that protect data, workforce awareness & sensitivity training regarding the importance of privacy, investigation of privacy concerns, and ensuring clear responsibility for privacy-related deliverables throughout the enterprise.
  • Training my team to have a deep understanding of safety issues and how they affect social media platforms and our communities.
  • Ensuring all ecommerce flows & processes meet all legal regulations, PCC compliance, and company data privacy standards.
  • Creating scalable policies & processes to solve complex business problems, and ensure the safety of the community.
  • Designing and management profanity filtering and moderation software.
  • Applying tools & teams to moderate login names, chat, forums, and user generated content (UGC).
  • Building a team of linguists within my Customer Experience team to ensure not only accurate localization, but ensuring brand sentiments remained accurate, text & chat safety, and nuances of all languages & cultures.
  • Collaborating with product & developers to design a generic set of RESTful APIs that can be used to integrate any product with UGC moderation capabilities. This allowed my teams to support multiple media types (image, video & text) & any language. Included flexible tagging system that allowed products to add custom ‘tags’ to moderated content. This tool & process allowed Campaign Producers to understand why content was not being approved, so we could then partner to adjust customer knowledge, rules, and campaigns. This system also was built to provide detailed reporting for tracking individual performance & audit histories.
  • Partnering with Global Security.
    • At The Walt Disney Company, as Director of Guest Experience – my team used their training & tools to escalate 400+ times a year [more than once a day] instances where we encountered chat that needed to be escalated including serious topics of: suicide, abuse, violence, threats, and more. As scary as this can be, we are proud of this partnerships and my team has had the ability to have a permanent impact on the safety of children all over the world.
  • Building Customer Experience tools that are integrated with corporate customer database and customer management tools.
    • Example: Launched a tool that triggered a request every 10 minutes to retrieve all unmoderated registration/ user names & would import up to 5,000 names at a time. Once the names were moderated, we used a bulk update status to return results back to corporate tools – for fully integrated data. The tool could return up to 50,000 results every 10 minutes… per language… per namespace.


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» PCI Compliance
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» Fraud Monitoring
» Phishing Prevention
» International Security & Privacy Laws
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