Global Operations Support


I’ve led Customer Support & Operations for companies from start ups to international Fortune 100 companies.  I’ve been fortunate to work with some stellar companies – The Walt Disney Company, Straumann Group, ClearCorrect, SurveyMonkey, Marvel, Netflix, LucasFilm, Starbucks, Disney Worldwide Publishing, and Star Wars to name a few. I have years directing global customer operations in high volume, high profile, multilingual companies. I thrive on being fiscally smart, designing bespoke encounters, and fostering constant innovation that bolsters my customers, my team, and my brand. I have had the privilege of creating & leading Global Operations teams on 5 continents comprised of:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Customer Experience
  • Product Management
  • SaaS, medical software
  • Quality Assurance
  • Finance
  • Project Management
  • Medical Devices and Hardware
  • Training & Curriculum
  • UI & UX Design
  • Help Sites & Technical Writing
  • Platform Services
  • Marketing & CRM
  • Social Media
  • Thought Leadership
  • Tools & Integration

  • Product Services
  • Community Management
  • UI & UX
  • Safety, Security & Privacy
  • Localization
  • Guest Support & Technical Support
  • Customer Success
  • Language Support
  • Workforce Management

I am well versed in all aspects of a customer’s experience – including all direct customer touch points of technical support, subscription support, Tiger Teams, hardware, software, and SaaS support, sales & upsell opportunities, help centers, knowledge bases, moderation, forums & blogs, social media, and contests & sweepstakes.

Extensive acumen in all contact center technologies including CRM, telephony, IVR, VR/AR, VoiP, WFM, and Live Chat. Includes (but not limited to) tech included: Salesforce, ZenDesk, SAP, Oracle, Marketo, Mail Chimp, Ring Central, Avaya, Intercom, Live Person, Outlook, Microsoft Office, Keynote, Evernote, Facebook Ads, Hootsuite, Sprinklr, Word Press, SAP, ADP, SurveyMonkey, and more. Proven track record of managing customer insight, CRM & ERP Systems, Omni Channel touch points & technologies, and strategic consultancy – with a clear strength in data.

I’ve provided strategic leadership for international customer operations spanning 5 continents, including teams of in-house, work-from-home, and outsourced partnerships. I have broad experience with discovering, negotiating, and managing vendor relationships. Experienced with 24/7 teams, including all aspects of Workforce Management and payroll (including ADP and SAP). I aim to steer the development of a customer-centric approach across the organization, including evangelizing, cheerleading, challenging, influencing, mentoring and developing customer focused skills, tools, culture, frameworks and approaches throughout the company. I have a depth of experience in the global marketplace, including the diverse EMEA, LATAM, and APAC markets.

I have over 15 years of international support leadership experience – including regions of LATAM, EMEA, APAC, and NAM. I love bringing customer teams together from different cultures & markets – to nurture a more in tune, more comprehensive, and more insightful impact.  I’ve led international teams with focus on: support, marketing, retail & product management, client success, gaming, mobile platforms, console games, web services, hardware/software/SaaS, big box partnerships, subscriptions & billing, legal & compliance, community & social media, cross-platform promotions and advertising, and more. I’ve garnered a great deal of insight into the customer support expectations and platform tendencies for cultures- as what is expected in Japan is different than what is expected in Argentina.  I have in depth knowledge of international economic & political trends, and the potential impact they may have on international offices. I strive to ensure that I run a fiscally prudent organization, while still planning for smart use of travel & expenses to ensure a unified, engaged, and calibrated team.

Customer Success is a vital aspect of my experience, and I lead my teams to understand the processes & paths to success, and help define this within the broader organization. We love to partner with our strategic customers to understand their business objectives and act as their trusted consultant to use our products most effectively. At a team level, we gather customer feedback & requests, while working with internal teams to align customer adoption with our product roadmap.

I geek out a bit about localization – it’s such a critical, impactful part of a business that can get overlooked when companies are gunning for a “plug & play”, rapid solution. I’ve developed partnerships and systems that allow for localization of company websites, help sites, contact forms, knowledge bases, customer success materials, and support materials – all while keeping the brand and the nuances of languages in mind. This extends to UI/UX knowledge for international audiences – as each country & culture has it’s own expectations on what makes an engaging, useful, fun, and “legit” company and website. It’s very special to me to ensure that any customer, any where in the world, feels at home and excited to engage with us.

I have deep experiencing in partnerships in regard to country specific compliance for children’s’ safety, data privacy, labor/wage, and consumer protection laws. My passion for safety & privacy also extends globally to safe chat filters that understand the nuances of languages, and the context of phrases and words – to ensure a robust & dynamic ability for our communities & customers to engage with us while still providing a safe and warm environment. I’ve been lucky to work with some exceedingly talented linguists & localization experts along the way, and I’d love to bring that experience to my next company.


  • At The Walt Disney Company, I led international international team to produce $4.7m FY15 & $1.8m FY14 savings via process improvements & a strategic business plan that identified opportunities for efficiency.
  • At SurveyMonkey, Support launched 10 new languages & localization within ~ 6 months. Included Help Site/FAQ, Support interfaces, CRM, and more.  Successfully discovered & partnered with Smartling to add modern technology solution for our expedient timeline needs. Translation “workflow” was integrated into the deployment model. Since SurveyMonkey deployed code weekly, we were able to keep all language sites in sync.


» Subscription & Billing Support
» Cross Function Strategy
» Technical Support
» Customer Experience/ Voice of Customer
» International Support
» International Site Localization
» Global Product & Process Roll Out
» Global Consumer Protection Law
» Medical and Health Privacy (HIPPA, GDPR)
» Medial devices
» Multi-language product support and service
» International Third Party Support/BPO
» Sales & Renewals
» E Commerce
» Customer Success
» Success Onboarding & Continuing Education
» Customer Up Sell
» Customer Success Materials & Curriculum
» Moderation & Chat Support
» Chat Filter Management and Localization
» Social Media Management, Engagement, and Moderation
» In House, Work From Home, and Outsourced Call Centers
» CRM & ERP Technologies
» Call Center Technologies
» Omni Channel Success & Support
» Knowledge Bases
» Knowledge Transfer Tools & Processes
» Product, Support, and Success Website Creation & Maintenance
» Technical Writing
» Call Center Technology
» Customer Tools (CRM, ERP): Salesforce,, ZenDesk, Oracle, Netsuite, Sage, Sugar, Capterra, Lithium, Ring Central, Live Person, ICOM, IVR, VoiP, Marketo, Mail Chimp, Pager Duty, Avaya, SAP, ADP, SurveyMonkey, AdWords, Facebook Ads, Hootsuite, Sprinklr, Slack
» Workforce Management
» Fulfillment, Inventory, and Shipping
» Logistics
» Contract & Vendor Negotiation
» Key Performance Indicators
» Forecasting
» Efficiency & Productivity Strategy
» Payroll Management
» Coaching & Developing Teams & Leaders
» Training
» Learning & Development
» Recruitment
» Human Resources: Benefits, Insurance, Compliance, Conflict Negotiation, Labor Law, Onboarding & Offboarding, Worker’ Comp, Development, and Negotiation