Customer Touch Point Design


The ability to surprise and delight – to deliver that extra bit of magic that the customer may not even realize they wanted or needed. That’s incredibly rewarding, and creates consumers that turn into fans & evangelists for your products and brand. I can translate business needs into awesome customer-focused solutions. I’m passionate about creating flawless user experience & interactions, and visualizing an experience in the abstract and then being able to drive that vision into solid design deliverables. From product sites to registration flows – to mobile interfaces and help experiences – every customer touch point should be thoughtful, user friendly, and drive business results.

To me, all touch points should engage customers & prospects with relevant content all while serving up the most engaging and highest converting mobile, ecommerce, and web experiences to all segments and persona types.

I love working in innovative and highly collaborative environments, and I have a passion for creating amazing solutions while keeping a sharp eye out to ensure that the user experience is beautifully consistent across the application. Underneath, I geek out ensuring that an experience is set up for optimal analytics to optimize engagement and increase conversion. Ensure the strategy goal of utilizing customer/site visitor analytics to make data-driven decisions and derive insightful UX enhancement hypothesis that will optimize the shopping/navigational/help experience.

I’ve managed teams to drive site content and promotional experiences, as well as leading UI/UX enhancements through A/B testing. This includes pre & post UAT process for all new site enhancements with eCommerce. Extensive experience leading teams that collaborate to create the vision for developing, communicating, and implementing the user experience, UI framework, and assets on a range of products; follow through with the processes and tactics to implement the vision. It’s fun to with sales and sales engineering to monitor pipeline of expected new deals as well as develop a joint strategic blueprint for new product adoptions among current clients.

I love building teams responsible for developing best-in-class user experiences (user interface designs, interaction models, prototypes, etc.) in a fast-paced, agile, environment. I believe in close collaboration with Product and UX/UI Design teams as well as partnering with engineering, product management, marketing, and company leaders to successfully go from early stage product concepts to launch. I love to collaborate to convert ideas for intellectual capital into: methodology, offer, best practices, benchmarks, white papers, toolkits, reusable code, etc. Experience leading team to produce user flows, wireframes, prototypes, user interface specifications, and final graphics for online applications, websites, email and marketing communication.Demonstrated ability to develop consultative relationships with external partners and strong relationships with internal cross-functional teams.


At Netflix:

  • I  identified key opportunities via customer trends and behaviors to collaborate to improve customer-facing sites with developers that resulted in 20% more deflected calls.
    • Outcome: savings of $1.9 million per year for support costs.
  • Increased guest satisfaction by 11% by partnering with UX team to incorporate the voice of the customer (data & anecdotal) for an improved, easier to use website experience.


» UI/UX Design
» Help Sites & Self Service
» Mobile technologies (iOS, Android app development)
» Project Roadmaps
» Omni Channel Solutions
» Implementation & Deployment
» Registration Flows
» Subscription Experiences
» In App Purchases
» Knowledge Bases
» Forums & Blogs
» Communities
» Social Media Site Creation & Management
» Contact Touch Points
» Localization
» Omni Channel Points of Contact
» Thought Leadership
» Project Scoping
» Player Testing
» User Testing
» Chat Bots
» CRM Systems
» ERP Systems
» Statement of Work (SOW)