Crunching Numbers & Crushing Budgets


Running a business & making smart financial decisions – it’s rewarding. I have a “money geek” aspect of me that enjoys the financial successes I’ve been able to create with my companies & teams. I’m very proud of the trustful relationships I’ve cultivated with Finance and C-Levels over the years. My track record of continous innovation that can provide efficiencies or productivity that results in fiscal savings – paired with my view of fiscal prudence, has not only produced some critical savings for my companies, but historically has allowed these leaders to approve expenditures when I’ve asked for them – because they know they can trust the fiscal record I’ve fostered cross team.

I have years of experience partnering with leadership to support sound business decision making by providing insightful financial analysis, meaningful and accurate forecasting, explaining business results, and advising on the financial consequence of strategic decisions. It’s been key to all my Customer Experience & Operations team to create dashboards & insights for not only our internal team, but for all products, services, and teams in the company.

My experience has demonstrated significant contribution to company growth and profitability through increased customer satisfaction, engagement, loyalty and revenue. I pride myself on leading teams that are fiscally responsible while not negatively affecting customer service/ quality of service or satisfaction of team & partners. I thrive on building processes in partnership with Finance in regard to global support and topics of: expansion strategy (product, language, region), cost assessments, workforce management, and quality to create a team that can globally provide excellence while ensuring fiscal responsibility.

I love to build systems to assess KPI, trends, efficiencies, and calculating ROI to understand & guide team for improving efficiencies while delivering world-class support bespoke for our clients. My teams have been highly successful in implementing Customer Operations practices while balancing the cost to deliver the highest level of service quality.


Working for The Walt Disney Company, I led the initiative to reduce my team in EMEA by 30% by assessing & forecasting market trends, costs, and the future of smaller market releases, paired with the ability of my team to still provide the hours of support & service required. Result: cost savings of $8 million.


» Annual Operating Plans
» P&L
» Labor Budgeting
» Chargebacks
» Monthly executive finance reviews & modeling
» Contract Negotiation
» Vendor Management
» Payroll
» Headcount Management
» Travel & Expense Management
» Sales & Upsell opportunities
» Tax Incentive Rebates
» Workforce Management
» Inventory & Fulfillment
» Invoicing, Accounts Payable, and Purchase Order Management
» Microsoft Suite
» Omniture
» Microstrategy