My résumé says I’m a Customer Experience & Operations Leader, but I’m much more. I’m a process improver, a “What if we…” thinker, anthophilous dreamer, a team nurturer, an explorer (5 continents & 40 countries), a puzzle solver, and a community builder.

I’ve been fortunate to work for some stellar companies — The Walt Disney Company, SurveyMonkey, Marvel, Netflix, LucasFilm, Starbucks, ClearCorrect, and Star Wars to name a few. I have years directing global (EMEA, APAC, LATAM, NA) customer  & product operations in high volume, high profile, multilingual companies. I thrive on being fiscally smart, designing bespoke encounters, and fostering constant innovation that bolsters my customers, my team, and my brand. My experience ranges from driving high tech, software, hardware, retail, gaming, SaaS, retail, services, and more.

I believe you need great people to have a great company. My track record reflects personal investment in building a company’s reputation for excellence through service, brand ambassadorship, and belief in the vision of the company & it’s teams. The ability to surprise and delight – to deliver that extra bit of magic that the customer may not even realize they wanted or needed. That’s incredibly rewarding, and creates consumers that turn into fans & evangelists for your products and brand. I want to be a useful disruptor in the “customer experience & support” space, constantly driving for new approaches, new ways of thinking of the space to make the most seamless, engaging, easy experience for all.

I do not work for a brand — I LIVE the brand. That genuine love translates well in real life – and the customer sense that honesty. It builds a trustful rapport, not just with the guest, but with the team that serves. Valuing the team, their skills, and contributions is key towards maintaining the very best experience. I really believe in a company that embraces innovation, unconventional thinking, and fun.

Specialties include: Global Guest Operations, Product Management & Producing, Customer Success, Social Media Engagement, Experience,Customer Acquisition & Retention, Process Improvement, Delivery Services, Customer & Player Safety, Moderation, Quality Assurance, Bug Management, UI/UX, Release Management, Business Intelligence, Digital Content, Marketing, Guest Privacy, and Training & Curriculum. I’m certified in COPC, Lean Methodology, Agile Methodology, and Project Management Professional – as well as Six Sigma.

Seeking to be inspired, to envision the unlikely, to work hard for things that are worth it, and to be surrounded by those who bring out the best in me. 

Fascinated by the vast “Internet of Things” universe. I love the growly voice of Tom Waits,arboretums, Hip Hop, the smell of old books, baking for others, my Fantasy Football Leagues (5!), complex mythology stories in TV shows, and songs in minor keys. Tom Hanks & I have a difficult relationship.

Superpowers include: developing an amazingly dedicated team, the focus of a gamer, a strong fiscal track record, reading over 100 books a year, retaining loyal & happy customers, being pragmatic while maintaining a sense of wonder & discovery, and making a mean gumbo.

And that brings us to right now. 
Feel free to take a deeper look at what I’ve accomplished over the years and what I’m able to do for you.



Driving exceptional experiences that help our providers deliver easy, impactful results for their patients – one smile at a time. Elevating our ability to educate, simplify, and connect to make each interaction a bespoke experience for everyone we talk with. I love making great experiences for our providers, staff, and their patients while nurturing our talented team the their full potential.

• Apply customer segmentation & behavior analytics for NPS, CSAT, and key KPI to determine sentiment, improve process & drive revenue.
• Cultivate a strong, passionate culture focused on delivering great experiences & service.
• Develop & implement customer-oriented strategies that drive experiences that deliver world class experience while continually driving improvement in service metrics.
• Develop efficient process & procedure for cross-department teams to identify, quantify & act on provider needs.
• Develop & implement data insights to proactively anticipate trends, prioritize product & service needs by championing the voice of the customer.
• Prepare budgets, staffing models & programs to drive efficiency.
• Develop international launch projects, including localization of resources & tools as well as Provider Services team to ensure successful & strong, culturally sensitive markets.
• Manage CSAT & NPS to drive excellence & ensure consistency in brand while garnering insights to drive process improvement & operational efficiencies.
• Create & implement service related technology roadmap to enable improved service delivery & enhanced customer satisfaction.
• Provide visible company-wide leadership & become the voice of the customer.
• Drive customer pain points with Quality Control, Marketing, PR, Finance, Sales, Manufacturing, Case Receiving and Resources to drive continuous improvement.
• Implement new org structure to provide scalable service and broad coverage for all provider needs.
• Customer analytics: Analyze support, product & Success data, socialize insights & drive intelligent responses.
• Coordinate training & development, including curriculum development.

DIRECTOR, CUSTOMER SUPPORT (May, 2016 – November, 2016)
» Develop and implement customer oriented strategies that drive success across key metrics: retention, adoption, satisfaction, revenue, and NPS with key result of 7% growth in NPS.
» Implement tailored programs that provide continued value to customer, ensure renewals, and drive long-term account growth.
» Use complex sets of data and A/B testing insights to improve products & support.
» Partner with Marketing to support customer acquisition and retention campaigns.
» Cultivate a strong, passionate culture focused on delivering great customer experiences.
» Develop tools, processes, and assets that drive consistent and efficient delivery of great support.
» Manage annual budgets, staffing models, and programs to drive efficiency and productivity.
» Create and implement technology roadmap to ensure improved customer service and satisfaction.
» Manage and analyze CSAT to drive excellence & ensure consistency in brand.
» Create & implement customer service related technology roadmap to enable improved service delivery & enhanced customer satisfaction.
» Provide visible company-wide leadership & become the voice of the customer.
» Develop social media strategy in partnership with Marketing to ensure aligned tone & brand, and best engagement & support for all customers.
» Partner with Product to implement, monitor, and analyze NPS via i.o. Promoter, including customer follow up.
» Customer analytics: Analyze support data, socialize insights, and drive intelligent responses via tools such as ZenDesk, Intercom, Google Analytics, Big Query, Marketo, and i.o. Promoter.
» Drive customer pain points on technology, and use issues with Engineering & Product teams, and ensure escalations are managed via Slack, Pager Duty, and Jira.
» Document, test, and escalate technology issues with engineering and product teams to improve customer’s experience.


» Led international teams responsible for guest experience for products & services including global brands of: Disney Interactive, Star Wars, Marvel, Lucas Arts, Disney Publishing Worldwide, Disney Infinity, Disney Playmation, and Disney Consumer Products.
» Cultivated global operations teams including: Business Intelligence, Project Management, Platform Services, CRM, Technology & Tools, Product Services, Community Management, Social Media, QA, Safety & Security, Compliance, Guest Support, Technical Writing, Finance, and Workforce Management.
» Directed team of 500+ in eight global offices to provide multi-language support for in-house, outsourced and remote workforce.
» Directed teams for all Customer Care facets including: billing & subscription support, technical support, social media engagement & moderation, bug reporting & testing, content moderation, chat filters & safety, localization, product releases, training & curriculum.
» Propelled team to produce $4.7m FY15 & $1.8m FY14 savings via process improvements & strategic business plan to identify opportunities for efficiency.
» Managed Client Success for a portfolio of global Disney clients to build the business a diverse portfolio.
» Re-branded organizations solutions/support with new marketing strategy and materials, highlighting competitive advantages and value proposition for Partners.
» Responsible for ensuring real time delivery is best in class, whilst leading the long term strategic objectives of delivery teams, within the domain of SLAs, processes, and customer initiative planning and execution.
» Collaborated internally with risk management, operations, credit & legal to meet compliance protocols and maximize clients’ experience.
» Built and managed a team Product Services. Created highly interactive training at the application level, resulting in a significant increase in new accounts supported by my Guest Experience team.
» Designed and implemented processes to enhance new account productivity, through pipelines, CRM tools, and targeted education.
» Created new brand awareness, through marketing, sales materials, and sales replication.
» Developed relationships with existing client base at all levels of the hierarchy, establishing brand awareness.
» Oversaw procurement driven RFP’s with financial analysis & presentations.
» Developed SWOT methodologies, and response to competitive landscape. Directly grew new accounts by 300%+.
» Enhanced customer shopping & help experiences with new website design and implementation.
» Led teams of project managers that partnered with Product & Developers from greenlight process on to ensure voice of customer & customer behaviors were represented in wireframes, data considerations, tools needs, and Alpha/Beta testing.
» Negotiated multi-million-dollar vendor proposals and contracts.
» Managed all outsourced vendor partnerships.
» Led Product Management from greenlight to sunset for products across multiple Disney divisions to ensure UI/UX represent customer needs, product A/B testing is effective, Alpha & Beta launches are successful, and applicable data is gathered to improve the product.
» Implemented $2m CRM program of integration of Salesforce to improve customer touch points/help/support. Results: 35% reduction in email costs, 46% reduction in tools cost & 67% improvement in response time.
» Led teams to drive partnerships with Product, Developers, QA, Legal, Marketing, and Finance to launch of 500+ new products [hardware, software, mobile apps, retail merchandise, services, internet of things products].
» Drove strategic revenue improvements via marketing & customer analytics via tools and platforms including: satisfaction surveys,CSAT, NPS, i.o. Promoter, Intercom, Google Analytics, guest forums, live events, mail campaigns, user testing & KPI reports.
» Integrated disparate teams into a unified group sharing common goals. Identified training needs and managed career paths to ensure optimal satisfaction and retention.
» Improved satisfaction scores by 68%, in conjunction with a 300% increase in portfolio and 96% guest satisfaction.
» Launched social media strategy for 200+ products to engage community, promote marketing initiatives, and drive brand awareness. Result: increased hits by 227%.
» Defined market segments and use data to target specific segmentation to drive brand preference and customer loyalty.
» Created and implemented customer and partner feedback loops to ensure satisfaction with Guest Experience team.
» Orchestrated and moderated forums, fan communities, chat filters, UGC events & sweepstakes to support brand communities and drive product revenue and engagement while ensuring safety for customers.
» Collaborated with C Levels, Producers, QA, Engineering, Marketing, Finance & Tech teams to create and drive strategy to achieve company goals.
» Coordinated all training and development, including curriculum development and training to ensure constant knowledge transfers for teams while developing leaders and ensuring critical bench building.
» Built and relocated support offices in multiple global locations for expansion, strategy, and budgetary needs.


» Created & implemented technology and staffing strategy to support customer base of 10 million.
» Built robust platforms & reports for data to drive successful engagement, retention, and acquisition.
» Managed international team of 50+ in international technical support, sales, and custom product,  with labor budget of $11 million.
» Managed critical client relationships, including Fortune 100 clients, to ensure retention & satisfaction.
» Boosted custom survey design team to innovate based on customer feedback & segmentation, driving increase of 35% revenue for company.
» Ensured department positively contributed to EBITA, COGS, and P&L.
» Launched international support sites, including all recruitment, training, localization, and policy.
» Developed and implemented training systems to provide world-class multi-channel support to all teams.
» Manage SEO and SEM aspects related to website, help site, and forums.
» Established recruiting procedures and curriculum for all staff.
» Implemented strategies to scale to a 190+ country customer base, including Fortune 100.
» Developed 5-year strategy; identified new business opportunities resulting in increased revenue.
» Implemented SaaS CRM platform & help site involving localization of 12 + languages.
» Responsible for ensuring delivery of all sales services for Custom Survey Design sales option, whilst leading the long term strategic objectives, within the domain of SLAs, processes, and customer initiative planning and execution.
» Collaborated internally with risk management, operations, credit & legal to meet compliance protocols and maximize clients’ experience.
» Launched social media strategy to increase customer membership and engagement.
» Created team and the quality processes to track & reduce fraud, phishing, spam and product abuse.
» Partnered to ensure privacy & safety of all customer data, including creation of Fraud & Phishing teams.
» Created quality processes to track & reduce fraud, phishing, spam and product abuse.
» Drove retention and loyalty via strategy development and innovation with developers, engineering, marketing, finance & C Levels.
» Established recruiting procedures & assessment criteria for well rounded, scalable teams.
» Designed processes and systems for international team to quality assess all code & hot fixes before updates & launches to ensure quality product for customers.
» Responsible for all P&L and Annual Operating plans, including expansion efforts.
» Achieved a 96% self-help rate via fostering a customer-centric culture.

NETFLIX Portland, OR

» Led call center of 500+ with direct team of 50+ that handled over 6 million customer contacts per year.
» Collaborated cross function to improve UI and UX for greater customer retention.
» Created in depth data reports & functionality to track and improve virality of brand and promotions.
» Created KPI, reporting, and BI tools to identify trends, forecast revenue, and prioritize bug fixes.
» Drove improvements to customer-facing sites resulting in savings of $1.9 million per year for support costs and increased guest satisfaction by 11%.
» Created key KPI & support team that provided insights and trends to all departments.
» Increased guest satisfaction by 11% by partnering with UX team to incorporate the voice of the customer for website experience.
» Created key data support team to provide customer data & insights in regard to behavior, cancelations, UX navigation, satisfaction, technical issues, and more.
» Proposed, created, and implemented new reporting & support team that provided critical data regarding customer behavior and trends to all departments, resulting in hard data to base revenue, marketing, and forecasting upon for greater brand success.
» Collaborated with critical clients of Microsoft, TiVo, and Roku that drove significant expansion of revenue.
» Developed more efficient training curriculum and facilitated training of current and new employees.
» Grew social media and community presence into a robust social forum across a variety of platforms and third party sites.
» Decreased team AHT by 25% via design of team tools for efficiency of use.
» Trained new division of technical services & support that provided remote tech support to all digital and streaming.
» Mentored 11 service representatives to supervisory positions, and 5 to management positions.
» Ensured resolution to BBB concerns, site misuse complaints and inappropriate content issues.
» Responsible for HR aspects of recruitment, hiring, benefits plans, compensations and employee safety.

STARBUCKS COFFEE COMPANY Chicago, Tampa, Las Vegas, Portland

» Managed multiple high-grossing stores concurrently while developing leaders.
» Grew business with consistent average of 125% sales over budget.
» Awarded Top 10% Zone award 24 consecutive quarters; “Manager of the Quarter” and “Bravo!” awards seven times for exceeding sales and improving controllable contribution.
« Trained all district store managers, leading to a 20% decrease of labor costs district-wide.
» Achieved average of 150% total contribution over budget for all stores via improvements that resulted in optimized inventory management and scheduling.
» Opened more than 10 locations. Responsibilities included construction, permits, vendor relations, operations, recruiting, training, marketing, and community relations.
» Trained and coached 500+ corporate partners for new hire and continuing education classes.
» Organized projects with Habitat for Humanity, Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation and AMFAR.
» Achieved 100% score on all financial and training audits.
» Optimized inventory processes to reduce shrink to 3%.
» Recruited, hired and trained for 13+ stores; responsible for HR aspects of recruitment, hiring, benefit plans, compensation and employment safety.
» Responsible for HR aspects of recruitment, hiring, benefits plans, payroll, compensation, onboarding & offboarding, and employee safety.